The theme of the third issue (#3) of Bonk! is Lines. The issue is being published in multiple parts.

Part 1 is Subjective Walks by Izabela Łęska, a work that describes and visualizes the artist’s daily stroll as a visitor/foreigner in Berlin. Its design and folds are intentionally cartographic. It’s a simple inkjet printing on paper leftover from Issue #2.

Izabela Łęska is a Polish artist who creates graphics, objects and texts, dealing mostly with notions such as narration, linearity, perseveration, the simultaneity of the world, André Breton’s objective chance.

Part 2 is a set of postcards by 24 artists:

Anna Kautenburger is a German artist from the Luxemburgish/French/German border, researching and traveling for mind-blowing inspirations and working in different medias. Keywords: Dreadfulness, Coincidences, Fairy Tales, Daily Life Situations, Supernatural, Trash and Self-created Dream Worlds.

In her photography, Anna Tea explores different characters, things, places, and most importantly she explores herself. She finds a connection between everything and everyone that/who surrounds her with her inner self. 

Antonio Occulto is an Italian painter and analog collagist based in Stavanger, Norway. His style can be defined as minimal decadentism, with work processes driven by impulsiveness, memories, and introspection. 

Aron Rossman-Kiss is a visual artist with a background in the social sciences. His practice focuses on themes related to collective and private memories, migrations, and the politics of representation. He is currently based in London.

Artemis Papachristou is a human being who tends to think about stuff related to life and creates
other stuff based on these contemplations. She is interested in curatorial practices [archives, taxonomies, art theory, critical thinking, and aesthetics] and in philosophical approaches of architecture in the performativity of everyday life, focusing on the inhabitation patterns of contemporary digital nomads. 

Bib Frrokaj is a young Albanian artist. His background is in painting, but he is increasingly focused on photography. In his artwork, he observes composition, sensitivity, dependence, and movement in the world around him, and then creates a visual or spiritual connection between them.

Billy Mavreas lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he makes comics, collage, visual poetry, and the occasional zine. 

Constantin Malmare’s medium is drawing, and he has a clear obsession with lines and how we read them. What makes a line beautiful? Is it the context, is it the shape? When he sees his concepts materialized, he immediately forms new ideas, which keeps him going. 

Giannis Delagrammatikas is a visual artist. His artistic work focuses on the cultural and political issues that constitute the modern era. By employing suspicion (in Greek υποψία> hypopsia> hypo under-opsis sight) as his interpretative medium, he seeks subjectivity in the apparently stable structures which create the terms that represent the “new”. 

Giulia Boggio is a graphic designer and photographer from Milan. She shoots almost everything with a 35mm compact camera and her focus is on everyday life gestures and feelings. She is probably just afraid of forgetting, or getting old.

Gil Zablodovsky is a visual communication designer in the medium of video and 2D products.
He recently finished his M.A. in integrated design studies and exhibits in many places around the world. He is currently working on a new series of video art projects concerning the subjects of education and inspiration.

Jane Waggoner Deschner is a Montana-based artist. In her “Remember me” project, she hand-embroiders anecdotes from family/friend-written obituaries into early- to mid-twentieth century vernacular photographs.

Kasia Ozga is a Polish American sculptor and installation artist based between Chicago, IL and Brest, France. Her work explores how our attitudes and behaviors toward the natural environment impact the human body.

Lia Tuia is an illustrator from Italy who loves creating her drawings with ink, watercolor, or pencils. The world she makes up with her art is filled with odd and ironic creatures, magical elements, and melancholic girls. All these characters inhabit this little universe, portraying feelings, situations, dreams, or memories.

Maria Gutu is a collage artist from the Republic of Moldova. ”Inner pieces” (a series of black and white collages) is her long-term project in which she explores forms, dreams, and inner feelings in a monochrome way. Collage art is an intimate art, and through it she gives her emotions a visual form.

With a life-long interest in mathematics, Mary Rouncefield has developed a large body of work on the theme ‘Mathematical Curves’. These limited edition screenprints take a humorous look at equations and graphs, but also comment on the rigorous mental discipline of mathematics.

Matt Lee uses drawing, collage, photography, and video to examine processes for constructing, framing, and manipulating visual messages. His work addresses themes of presence/absence and sense/nonsense. Originally from the UK, Matt currently lives in Bangalore, South India.

Nastia Cistakova is an aggressive illustrator with a big fascination for everything absurd. She enjoys making angry drawings about social injustice and ‘just annoying things’.

Rachel Kinbar is a writer and artist interested in tiny details, slow processes, and repetition. She is half of the noise duo Unfade and the co-editor/publisher of Bonk!

R. Prost was born and raised in Chicago and has a background in literature rather than the visual arts. He has always been interested in the visual aspects of language and the contexts in which language is found. He makes visual poems, altered books, and literary objects.

Steven Cline is a collage artist living in Cartersville, Georgia. He also helps edit the journal Peculiar Mormyrid.

Tetsushi Higashino refers to himself as an Unproductive Production Activist. His work makes visible the logic of this notion, and the metaphorical visions often derive from things that subliminally intervene in our daily lives. They transform the ordinary world we overlook into one of extraordinary nonsense. The work included in this issue started out as a blank piece of drawing paper and a piece of carbon paper and was created as it traveled through the mail from Japan to Estonia.

Tina Oelker is a German painter based in Hamburg who is known for her long-term project “1000 Hasen – limited edition“, which was finished in December 2014 after exactly seven years. The hare is the whole point and yet there is no hare. You can catch art, but try to catch a free wild animal or a free spirit and you will never stop hunting.

Vanessa Clark is an intersex, transgender, androgynous, pansexual author in love with life’s simple pleasures. Their book with Bold Strokes Books, The Man on Top of the World, is a bisexual romance that spotlights the wild, complex relationship between a David Bowie-esque glam rock superstar and his drummer, is their debut novel.

Part 3 is comprised of the above audio track by Melissa Pons (artwork by Lori Miles), plus a full-color, 32-page tabloid that will be published Summer 2019. Join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram to be notified of the pub date.